Before delving into the virtual reality space, Adam won several awards for his screenwriting and directing, including the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition and the Vimeo Awards. In October 2015, HD Video Pro wrote an article called A New Medium Emerges about Adam's innovative virtual reality storytelling. 

His third VR film, Knives, incorporates his editing style with an entirely fluid camera. It was nominated for a Lumiere Award, a Proto Award and won Best VR Experience at the 2017 Sitges Film Festival, which marked the first time this award has been given in 50 years of this acclaimed film festival's history. His next VR film, Rose-Colored, premiered at VRLA and won the 2018 Lumiere Award for Best Live Action VR Film. 

He is currently in pre-production on his sixth VR film, entitled HYPER REAL.

Adam is represented by UTA.


Agent -- Virtual Reality -- Oren Rosenbaum, UTA: RosenbaumO@unitedtalent.com 

Manager -- TV/FILM -- Jason Weiss: jweiss@pacbell.net

Adam Cosco -- Personal Contact: coscoadam@gmail.com